September 12, 2023

JET Infrastructure Makes a Remarkable Stride in Support of Special Olympics Colorado

Denver, CO – August 26, 2023 – Demonstrating solidarity and enthusiasm, members of the JET Infrastructure team came together to pull for a noble cause at the recent charity event, "Pulling for a Purpose," benefitting the Special Olympics Colorado program. The fundraising event was held on August 26th in Denver, and many team members eagerly participated and worked hard to impact the community positively.
In an endeavor to foster sports and healthy living opportunities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) in the Centennial State, JET put forth an emphatic presence in the charity event.

The team is ecstatic to announce that every dollar raised during this event will be directly funneled to the community programs the Special Olympics in Colorado run. Through such generous contributions, the Special Olympics continues to positively impact over 20,000 athletes across four regions in the state, nurturing their dreams and aiding their journey towards an inclusive society.

"This event isn't just about raising funds. It’s a representation of our ongoing commitment to empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities, helping them to lead fulfilling lives through sports and wellness opportunities," said a spokesperson from JET. "We are proud to be part of an initiative that brings hope and much-needed resources to these athletes, encouraging them to reach their full potential."

Our leadership urges everyone to come forward and extend their support to this heartfelt cause, facilitating a landscape where every individual, irrespective of their abilities, can thrive and excel.

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