Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Ameiorsano

As the Chief Operating Officer, Jeff brings to JET a wealth of experience accumulated over three decades of dedicated service in critical sectors, including aviation, energy, and defense. Jeff’s leadership is characterized by strategic direction and the execution of initiatives that promote operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. His extensive background is invaluable to JET, enabling him to contribute significantly through his knowledge in aviation project development, engineering services, and solutions for customer asset management. His focus on revenue growth and his effectiveness in uniting teams across the company underscores his essential role in enhancing JET Infrastructure’s culture and operational success.

Before joining our team in 2020, Jeff dedicated a decade of service as a Department of Defense (DoD) engineering consultant, where he spearheaded initiatives to enhance jet fuel aviation solutions and integrity services for military aviation fueling installations globally. His tenure at DoD was marked by pioneering efforts to transition government-developed technologies into the commercial aviation sphere, particularly in aviation fuel system integrity testing and advanced leak detection solutions.

His extensive experience is further highlighted by over two decades in various senior positions across the oil & gas and aviation industries. Jeff has led and contributed to numerous projects, including petrochemicals project management, risk management, operation technology, and product refinement. He has a proven track record of delivering large-scale domestic and international projects, including onshore and offshore pipeline initiatives, terminals and related infrastructure, with some projects’ total installed costs exceeding the $1 billion mark.

A proud veteran of the United States Marines, Jeff holds a degree in Electronic/Electrical Engineering along with Master Certificates in Project Management and Contract Management. His wide-ranging experience and seasoned leadership not only enrich JET Infrastructure but also pave the way for its continued success and innovation in the industry.

The Team

Executive Leadership

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